What Is Meant by “Tenet Admin”?

Let’s assume you are working on a new project with a team of 10 Information Technology professionals.

A company (let’s call it Nickison II, LLC) is buying part of another company (we’ll call this company Marty’s). The deal includes a total transfer of ownership for six applications. Let’s call these applications Quickbooks Desktop, WordPress (local install and configuration], Office 365, Dynamics CRM, Microsoft SQL Server 2016, and Teams (with the phone service add-on).

The team is now assembled, and the work on planning begins. Everyone (including yourself) is excited to start this major company initiative.

In the initial discussions, the election of tenet admins takes place. No one volunteers for the task, so you and the resident Microsoft Azure cloud guru are nominated to be tenet admins.

You are now thinking, “What in the world did I just get signed up for?!”

The good news is this:
What you need to accomplish this task is not work-intensive.

The bad news is this:
Once you become a tenet admin, you have the rights to do almost ANYTHING in the tenet rights assignment arena … and with such privilege comes massive amounts of responsibility and accountability.

So, what exactly is meant by “tenet admin”?

Basically, you will grant rights in the Microsoft Azure tenet to assign rights to any resource (people, deployment, services, and so much more) and be able to change the assignment rights level at any time as you wish. In most cases, your user account to the specific Azure tenet will have its rights increased to Owner role access (in some more restrictive deployments, the account will be elevated to co-contributor level).

So, in essence, you have volunteered to be a top-level admin for the tenet.

Others will now call you when new account access to the tenet needs to be established (for new users or services). Additionally, expect to have emails sent to you when access needs to be adjusted or removed. The latter, for example, could be the result of people leaving the project or company altogether.

To be frank, a tenet admin is someone who has owner or co-contributor access to a tenet. With this right in place, the person in question can now administer access to the tenet.