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What Is Meant by “Cloud Migration Triggers”?

In a previous post, you learned that the two main reasons a cloud migration is initiated are to improve performance and/or to reduce costs. While this is true, cloud migration is not a regular discussion for the bulk of Information Technology departments within enterprises worldwide. While this topic is discussed more often than five years…

What Is Meant By “Guest Machine” and “Host Machine”?

Imagine that you are hired to help migrate 20 servers to a Microsoft Azure cloud tenet. The servers are all VMware virtual machines running on two separate 4-host clusters and are accessible via the local vSphere 6.7 install. At the initial team meeting, everyone introduces themselves to the group. Primary assignments are distributed afterward. Your…

What Does the Phrase “Migrations Are Not in a Silo” Mean?

Imagine this… You have joined a team that will migrate an entire (one) VMware vSphere instance to Azure with the Azure VMware Solution. It has been six months, but a lot of progress has been made with the team (including you, of course). You have: Created a scope of all servers included and cross-referenced those…

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